First Warstory (Insert Pun Here)

Overuse of the pharse "Stealth Rocks" instead of "Stealth Rock" would have killed it for me if it hadn't been an otherwise very good first warstory. =P

Good format, good commentary, and a very good first warstory/battle. Some misplays and hax were there, but that's alright in any case.

Good job, it's a great warstory.

Btw, is obvious that the other move of Reuniclus is Recover, no TR.

Somehow I thought this was a bump of an old warstory. but this is pleasantly different and really quite a good job. 8/10 for your first effort.
Very solid commentary, you explained very well how you thought through all battle and that was what kept me interested. Very good job for a first warstory.
BTW shouldn't be hitting dead horses but reuniclus was a Calm Mind variant.
This was an excellent warstory for a first attempt, with the only annoyances on my part being the insistance on 'Stealth Rocks' and the fact the Reuniclus clearly had Recover as its final move. The commentary was good, as was the battle and the little hax involved had little effect on the outcome of the battle. Keep up the good work and I wish you luck in the future.
The commentary made the battle seem much better. However you were overanalyzing the opponents sometimes downright idiotic moves which made him look better than he actually was. The battle was subpar but this was well written (except for a couple of annoying details :P)

Keep it up.
I love your warstory! Especially your use of Sableye and MB Espeon. (Just goes to show how useful a 'mon can be with a new abillity).
The only thing that bugged me was your assumption that Reni had both Calm Mind and Trick Room, as most carry one or the other. :/

That in mind I'd give you an 8/10. Luvdisc'd
You look to be a very very very aspiring warstory writer. I look forward to seeing your next work, if you decide to write more. I loved your commentary and the battle was close and exciting, without any real hax. The only thing I didn't like was that you didn't know Reuniclus had recover. It is usually, for the CM set anyways, Psychic Focus Miss Calm Mind Recover.
Again, I look forward to reading your next warstories.
Commentary: 8/10
Battle Quality: 8/10
Format: 8/10
Total: 8/10

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